About us

We have been providing full accounting, tax, human resources and payroll services since 1991. We specialize in keeping accounting agendas for business entities, legal and physical entities from various fields throughout the Czech Republic. 

Data processing is performed by using of a complex economic system Pohoda SQL (Stormware s.r.o.).

 Why choose us:

  • we have 30 years of experience in accounting, taxation and wages
  • we offer individual approach and efficient customer service
  • we guarantee continuity and replaceability
  • we take care of everything you need, including important deadlines
  • we use modern and efficient software solutions
  • we are not resting on our laurels, we are still learning

 How it works

  • you can send the documents to us by post or electronically, or we will come to collect them
  • each client has their own accountant, in case of vacation or illness, substitutability is automatically ensured
  • we solve your questions without delay, either by e-mail, by phone or in person
  • we represent you at the authorities during normal communication or inspections
  • we consider consultations related to tax issues to be part of bookkeeping and therefore do not charge additional fees for them